Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Next Project--for Me!

I have never liked the color of my cabinets.  After almost 7 years, the paint is starting to chip, despite the fact that they are painted in an oil-based paint.  Also, they get dirty and I am constantly wiping them down.  I thought about taking on refinishing the cabinets myself, but I know that it would be a lot of work and I want to ensure that the finished product looks professional.  I called this company by the name of "Angelfish".  Angelfish does nothing but faux finishes.  The company does awesome work.  Angelfish has done residential and commercial work all over the U.S.  Check out the website at:

I want you to see cabinets that Angelfish did in a house in Chenal Valley.  The owner (Tracy Rivers) came by my house this morning and I pulled up her website.  She directed me to this photo.  I thought that Angelfish just added the gold/bronze on the decorative parts.  No, Angelfish made cabinets that were white like mine look like this:  
Isn't this awesome!!  Tracy is going to do sample finishes for me so I can tell her how I want them to proceed.  Tracy said that Angelfish can add small knicks in the cabinets to give them an aged looked.  They will paint the cabinets a brown color using oil-based paint and then go over the brown with a glaze.  I am very excited about this look for my kitchen.  I can't wait for Angelfish to transform my kitchen cabinets.  I am also going to have Angelfish change/transform the vanity in my master bath.  I am also thinking about having them to do a Venetian plaster in my dining room.  Wouldn't that look fabulous with my chocolate walls?  So many ideas--so little money!!

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