Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An Easy Solution for a Short Bedskirt!

Most people have a bed skirt around the bottom of their bed.  For a while, I lived without one.  That was my "less is more" phase.  A bedskirt completes the look of a bed, but I will admit that some beds look better without a bedskirt.  And, there are some beds that are specifically designed to not have a bedskirt.  I have a very tall bed.  And with a very tall bed it is a problem finding bedskirts that are deep enough drop to go to the floor.  The typical depth or drop for most bedskirts is 15 inches.  I need a 22 inch drop in order for the bedskirt to go to the floor.  I have been purchasing a line of comforter sets made by a company called "Veratex".  The comforter sets actually have a bedskirt with a 20 inch drop.  Also, the bedskirts come in 3 pieces that are pinned to the box spring.  My first two sets by Veratex came with the longer drop bedskirt.  Recently, I purchased a new Veratex comforter set (the reveal will come in a later post--redecorating my bedroom) and I was disappointed that the bedskirt is a 15 inch drop and that it did not come in 3 pieces.  I initially used the bedskirt from another comforter set because I thought it would work with the new comforter.  The next morning when the sunlight was in my room, it was obvious that the bedskirt to the other set was not the right shade.  I needed the color that went with my new set.

So, off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond in search for a bedskirt with a drop longer than 15 inches.  The longest drop that Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells at the store is 18 inches.  You can order a 20 inch drop online.  I then remembered a tip that I learned over 20 years ago when I lived in Tulsa.  A co-worker purchased a rice bed that was tall.  The bedskirt to the comforter set was too short for her tall bed.  The sales lady offered this advice:  purchase a bedskirt one size larger than your mattress set (if you have a queen bed, buy a king bedskirt) and place the larger bedskirt on the bottom, then place the queen bedskirt on top of the king bedskirt.  I found it necessary to pin the bedskirts to the box spring to prevent them from shifting.

Now I have a bedskirt skirt that touches the floor.  It is a layered look and I think it adds interest to my bedding.  If you have a king bed and your bedskirt is too short, I would purchase a coordinating bedskirt in the same size and attach the bedskirt to the underside of the main bedskirt to lengthen the look.  You will need to cut out the center portion of the bedskirt in order for this to work.  I would love to hear how this works out for you!