Monday, August 27, 2012

The Proper Scale for Accessories

This has to be my top decorating pet peeve--accessories that are too small for the space they are in.  Everybody is guilty of this--even me.  To quote Maya Angelou, "When we know better we do better".  

When selecting accessories for your space, you need to consider the type and size/scale of your furniture.  Tiny artwork and lamps that are too small are typical mistakes that a lot of people make when decorating a space.  For example, notice the lamps I used to have on my nightstand.  The lamps were clearly too small to be paired with my night tables and bed.  The size of the furniture suggested that I needed lamps with a more substantial base. (Notice that I purchased a new bed since the one shown in this photo.  That's another story and blog post!). 

I searched for lamps and came across these at a local furniture store in Little Rock.  I was hesitant to purchase the lamps at first because I thought they were too modern for my traditional bedroom.  On the advice of a friend who is a decorator, I decided to purchase the lamps and I am glad I did.  Here is how my beside tables look with lamps that are better scaled for the room:

The lamps have a larger, more substantial base.  Also, the lampshades are larger.  The other lamps had a more delicate base and also were done in a shiny brass finish.  It was definitely time for more updated lamps.