Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making a Grand Entrance

I moved into my current home on October 21, 2005.  Like most new homes, the interior of my house was painted taupe, more specifically Sherwin Williams 6108 Latte.  I picked this color for the underlying warmth.  I immediately had the painters to come back in and paint my dining room SW 6110 Steady Brown.  This color is on the same color chart as Latte, so I knew it would work well with the Latte.  My study is painted SW 8380 Barn.  My study is to the left of my foyer from the entrance and I wanted a dramatic color for this room.  Nothing says dramatic like red!!  In the past 6 years, I have made several color changes to my walls.

Tip:  Painting is the cheapest form of decorating.  You can transform a room by simply changing the color.  I gravitate more to warm and dark colors.  I am a nester and these colors make me feel as if I am wrapped in a cocoon.

Most homes built within the past 20 years or so were built with a foyer or entrance hall.  The foyer is always the first space your guests will see as they enter your home.  I think the foyer sets the tone for the rest of the house.  My foyer has no wall space--I have 3 large entrances to my dining room, study, and living room in the foyer.  As a result, I have no place for any artwork, hall tables, chests, etc. in my foyer.  So, my only solution was to paint the limited wall space I have in the foyer.  Remember that my foyer was painted SW Latte.  So, I decided to use two colors already present in my home--SW 6110 Steady Brown and SW 6111 Coconut Husk.  I painted 12-inch vertical stripes and alternated the Steady Brown and Coconut Husk.  The result is fantastic!

Foyer before:

As you can see, this is pretty dull.  Now take a look at the foyer after:

By adding the stripes in the two colors, it made the foyer go from dull and boring to WOW!!!

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