Thursday, December 12, 2013

I think I know what the problem is...

I've been thinking about my bathroom color and realized today why I'm not in love with it--the color is a cold color and I gravitate to warm colors.  I enjoy looking at rooms with pastel colors, but I don't want pastel colors in my house.  I equate pastel colors with little girls' rooms.  I have seen lots of photos of elegant rooms done in pastel colors, but pastels are not a hue that I am in love with.

So, now I am on the hunt for a new color for my bathroom.  The space started out painted Sherwin Williams Latte.  I picked this color for the entire house.  After living here a few years, I decided I needed a change.  I would say that the SW Maxi Teal color is definitely a change.

My best friend in Louisiana built a home about two years ago.  Her master bathroom is painted Robin's Egg Blue.  I am in love with her bathroom.  I didn't think the color would work in my space because my trim work is not painted as white as hers.  Also, my ceramic tile floors have more tan/brown in them than her floor.  So now I am wondering if I should paint my bathroom in a pastel shade?

Or, should I go bold again with a warm color palette?

Decisions, decisions....

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  1. Hi Michelle, I've debated about painting my apartment, but I decided to leave the walls white only because I'm renting. It would be too much of a pain trying to repaint when we move. If I was a home owner though, I'd be in the same predicament you're in. Don't worry, the right color will present itself soon enough. Good luck.