Friday, August 15, 2014

Old Smokie to "Gentryfied"

What I am about to show you is not exactly home decor, but I wanted to share with you one of the best "before" and "after" photos.

I had this old grill or smoker in my backyard for a few years.  My brother Dennis gave it to me about 7 years ago.  He and his wife bought it and never cooked on it.  When Dennis gave it to me, the grill had a little rust on it but it wasn't too bad.  I purchased a cover for it, but after it was exposed to the weather for a few years under Dennis' care, parts of the grill had started rusting and the wood pieces were falling apart.  I did some pretty good cooking on this grill, but I haven't cooked on it for a few years.  In fact, I moved the grill from my deck and placed it in my yard to make more room on my porch and deck area.  Once I moved the grill, it really started falling apart and the rust was spreading all over the grill.  Here's what the grill looked like about a month ago:

Yeah, it's pretty bad.  Notice the rust and the wood pieces falling apart.  Old Smokie is looking a little sad.  So, I decided to give the grill to the guy who takes care of my yard (Calvin).  But, Calvin never had room on his trailer to take the grill.

I made a new friend back in November 2013.  I bought a new car and my salesman (Gentry) and I must have been separated at birth.  We both have the same warped sense of humor.  Gentry is a man of many talents and hobbies.  One of his hobbies is woodworking.  I decided to ask Gentry if he could make new wood pieces for my grill.  I told him that I could sand the rust areas and paint the grill with the paint made for high heat.  Gentry and his girlfriend Jamie came by to pick up Old Smokie.  Little did I know what Gentry had in store for my grill.  I got to see a little bit of his work over the few weeks he had the grill.  For instance, I saw that Gentry had pressure washed, sanded, and painted the grill.  He also purchased new parts for it.  He purchased new wheels for the grill and painted the inset of the wheels chrome.  Gentry told me he had a surprise for me that would be revealed at the end.  I guessed what the surprise would be, but I still had no idea what it would look like.  After several weeks of Gentry working hard and sweating out in his garage, here is what the grill looks like today:

Pretty fricking unbelievable!!!  Never in my wildest dream did I think my grill could ever look this good.  Yes, my grill has been "Gentryfied".  In fact, it looks too good to even cook on.  Gentry did a total transformation of the grill inside and out.  Gentry and Jamie, a rack of ribs will be waiting on you!


  1. WOW!!! That grill looks amazing. Gentry is a genius. He did a fabulous job. I'll bet you can't wait to fire it up, Michelle... :)

  2. WOW, what a transformation. It looks brand new! Gentry did and unbelievable job. I'm amazed by his attention to detail. Stopping by to say hello from Dee's blog.