Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Impression

You've heard the phrase before about making a good first impression.  College students are told to wear a classic navy suit to job interviews to make a good first impression.  A prospective employer will size an applicant up before the two shake hands.  First impressions apply to our homes as well.  Every place I've lived, including apartments, I've always decorated my front door and porch.  For me, this sets the tone for what you can expect once you enter my home.  Throughout the year, there is always something decorative on my front door and on the porch.  I really love the Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons because you can really showcase your entrance.  I've had this arrangement on my front porch since the middle of September.  In a little over a week, I will transform the porch with Christmas decorations.

This is a fairly simple look.  I keep the urns on my door year round.  Depending on the holiday or season, I will change out the plantings.  Here's a little secret--the plants are silk mums.  I tried the real McCoys one year and the flowers died before Thanksgiving.  So, I resorted to silk mums that I can use year after year.  The pumpkins were purchased at Michael's.  Several of my neighbors and guests have commented that they thought the pumpkins were real.  The doormat was purchased from the Lillian Vernon catalog.  I have purchased six doormats from this company.  Lillian Vernon offers great seasonal doormats.  I change out my doormat to reflect the season and/or holiday.  The wreath was purchased at Sam's Club several years ago.  I think I will retire it after this season.  If your front door has a western exposure like mine, the sun can be very hard on wreaths and live plants/flowers.

For all of my homes, I've either painted the front door red or had the builder paint it.  I've always loved a red door.  It adds a pop of color to any home.  Having a color at the front door can do a lot to boost your home's curb appeal.  If you have a bland or colorless front door, consider painting it.  I would use a brighter hue so that the color is noticeable from the street.

Here is a good example the impact that paint can have on your curb appeal.  Here is a before picture of this home's front door.  Doesn't look very inviting, does it?

From House Beautiful

Now take a look at the entrance.  By removing the storm door and changing out the light fixtures and updating the hardware, the entrance to this home has been changed from boring to fabulous!!

From House Beautiful
So, if you want to make a good first impression, spend a weekend with a gallon of paint!

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