Monday, November 7, 2011

My Very First Art Project

About a month ago, I decided to change out the artwork in my master bath.  I have wall space on both ends of the vanity.  With no artwork, the space is pretty bare.  My friend Rosie doesn't think artwork belongs in a bathroom.  I am going to prove her wrong.  Initially, this is what I had on both sides of the vanity:

I lived with this look for a few years.  Then I decided I needed a little color on the walls.  So, since I have developed a love of abstract art, I purchased these paintings at Target.

After looking at these paintings for about a month, I decided that maybe this was too much color and pattern.  The pattern was a little overwhelming for the space, especially with the paintings hanging at both ends of the vanity.  I had been thinking about painting over the artwork and creating my own art.  So, I finally did my first artwork Sunday evening.  I used existing interior paint that I already had.  I painted over the artwork with a base coat of Sherwin Williams Latte.  I then mixed Sherwin Williams Coconut Husk with glaze and applied this to the canvas with a rag.  I repeated this step with Sherwin Williams Loche (green).  The final step was to create the circles by using the opening of empty glass jars in two different sizes.  I used Rustoleum Paprika for the red circles and SW Coconut Husk for the brown circles.  Voila!

My artwork is a lot more calmer and tamer.  I still have the circles, but they are smaller and not as intense as the previous look.  And more importantly, I don't get vertigo when I walk into my bathroom! 

The great thing about abstract art is that anybody can do it.  Abstract art doesn't require you to have the ability to draw.  Buy a canvas, pick colors you like, and go for it!

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