Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Art of Tablescaping

Tablescaping is placing accessories on a table top to provide interest (and sometimes function).  I'll admit that I have a lot of decorative accessories in my home in which their only purpose is to look good.  A few items are functional, but most are there to look good.  On my coffee table, I have a few decorating books and several decorating magazines (Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, At Home in Arkansas, and HGTV Magazine).  There is also an art piece I purchased a few years ago (glass knot), and something I would love to get rid of --a metal bowl with wicker balls.  I just haven't found anything more interesting to replace it with yet.

Tablescaping should be done in 3's--have a minimum of three items on your table top.  A single piece would look lost (and lonely) on the table by itself.  Here is a picture of one of the end tables in my living room with just the lamp on it:

Now here is what the end table looks like with a few accessories placed on it.  I actually do use the candle and candle snuffer on occasion and I have read all of the books beneath the plant.  So, there is some function to the accessories.

I actually have more than three things on my table top, but as a grouping, I see the item as 3's:  plant and books, candle and snuffer, and vase. 

All the table tops in my home have been tablescaped.  I think it adds interest to a room and provides a point of conversation.  So, if you have an empty table top or one that lacks interest, consider purchasing new accessories to add some WOW!! to your table. 

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