Friday, June 15, 2012

Decorating Tip

I subscribe to several decorating magazines and website.  I love nothing more than to have a new edition of Traditional Home, Elle Decor, or House Beautiful waiting in my mailbox.  In the June issue of House Beautiful, a designer provided what I would call a basic decorating tip:

"Never push furniture up against the walls. By pulling your seating arrangement in, you warm up a space & create flow." -Betsy Burnham -- House Beautiful

This is so true.  I find myself pulling sofas and chairs away from the walls of my friends' homes.  Even though my living room is small, I still maintain at least 6 inches of wall space between the wall and the back of my sofa.  I think the room pulls you in when the furniture is not pressed up against the walls.  Try this out for yourself and see if it doesn't make your space more inviting.

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