Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Finished Product--Almost

U P D A T E:  I updated the blog post to showcase the artwork that my neighbors picked out.  See the artwork at the end of this post.

I went by my neighbor's house to hang the artwork lower on the wall.  One of my pet peeves, among many, is artwork hung too high on walls.  My neighbor and his fiancé are tall so he thought it should be hung to match their heights.  I lowered the artwork by 1 ft and it looks so much better at the lower height.  Tip:  Hanging artwork lower on a wall really grounds the room.  I really love this space.  I turned a beige/taupe space into one that is vibrant.  I brought in accessory pillows with pops of red in them and changed the lamps to ones that are the correct scale to his furniture.  The lamps look fantastic!  I am finding out that the stripes are a love/hate look.  The good thing about the stripes is that it is paint and can be painted over.  But for now, my neighbor has no plans to paint over them. 

The next thing my neighbor purchased for this space is a rug.  I initially suggested a rug with pattern and red, but I thought that would be a little too busy with the stripes--too much texture.  So, I suggested a sisal rug with a red band or a nice wool rug in taupe with a red band or border.  I met my neighbor and his fiancé at a rug gallery in North Little Rock.  I found a sisal rug with a red border, but my neighbor's fiancé thought that the rug surface was too rough. She found another sisal rug that had a much softer surface, but it didn't have the red band.  However, the rug still works because it is a neutral and it blends in with the taupe color on the walls.

Notice the wall behind the sofa is bare.  My neighbor's fiancé wants to hang a mirror there.  The sofa is about three feet from the wall.  I envision hanging a grouping of mirrors there instead of one mirror.  I think this would be more dramatic and it will also help to fill in the wall.  I also suggested to my neighbor that they purchase a narrow-depth console table for the wall and hang a grouping of mirrors above the table.  This is similar to what I envision hanging on the wall.

Update:  My neighbor sent me a picture of artwork he and his wife selected to hang on the wall in back of the sofa.  I like his choice.  It's not the mirrors that she wanted, but the artwork pulls in the colors in the room.  

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