Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Niece Has A New Place!

My niece Ashli moved into her new apartment over the weekend.  I was on hand to help make her place feel like a home.  I was so excited that my niece wanted artwork on her walls!  Nothing makes your space feel more like a home than artwork on the walls.  Ashli had purchased three pieces of artwork when she moved into her last apartment.  With this new space, she purchased five more pieces to hang.  I also gave her a piece of artwork that I purchased for my home but the piece did not work where I wanted to hang it.

If you are a renter, don't let that stop you from hanging artwork on the walls.  I rented for 9 years before I purchased my first home.  I had artwork on the walls in the three apartments I lived in.  Always keep a small container of spackle on hand to fill in the holes.  And, get to know the maintenance staff at your apartment complex.  I was always able to get a small jar of the wall color for touch-ups from the maintenance staff.

Another thing that was missing in Ashli's decor was accessory pillows for her sofa, love seat, and recliner.  She purchased new living room furniture for the other apartment, but the furniture did not come with accessory pillows.  You all know how I feel about pillows--the more the better!!  So, we headed to Garden Ridge to find pillows for Ashli's furniture.  Without the pillows, her furniture was sort of blah.  The pillows really pop on her furniture and liven up the space.

I like shopping with my niece.  She knows what she likes and doesn't like.  And, she makes her decisions real quick.  She's a lot like me I guess.  My only advice to her was to pick out something she would enjoy looking at.  Don't just pick out a piece of artwork to fill in a space.  Here are pictures of her living room, breakfast bar and kitchen.  I provided the artwork on her kitchen wall.

I purchased a pillow for the recliner, but the picture was taken before the pillow.

Ashli picked out the artwork over her breakfast bar.

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