Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Potential Projects for 2014

Now that Christmas is over and my decor has gone back to a less festive look, I've been thinking about what kind of changes I can make to my spaces.  It's funny, some people can paint a space, put furniture in it, and keep that look FOREVER!!  Not me.  I like change.  Even if it's a small change, I think it refreshes my decor.

At the top of my list for 2014 is:

  • Paint kitchen cabinets.  Right now, my cabinets are painted an off white color--SW Divine White.  After 8 years, my cabinets are showing a little wear.  I have a few ideas in mind.  I had a company (Angelfish) come out about a year ago to give me some ideas.  Angelfish can actually make my cabinets look like stained wood.  But, I don't know if I want that look.  My backsplash is brown and my granite has a lot of brown flecks in it, so I think I may want to introduce a color onto my cabinets.  What color, I don't know, but I have been kicking around the idea of something in the green family.
Current look of my kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets done by Angelfish--used to be off white.

  • Re-decorate my powder bath.  In 2005, I rag painted the walls in my powder bath.  Faux finishing was all the rave and I happily jumped on the bandwagon.  I wanted my powder bath to be different than the other rooms in my house.  It's definitely time for a new look.  I have an idea in my head that I need to execute.  I want to paint the bathroom in an egg plant color (flat finish) and use the same color in a satin finish for a tone-on-tone effect.  I am thinking about either a chevron pattern or a harlequin pattern.
  • Restyle master bedroom.  Sadly, the walls in my master bedroom are still painted SW Latte.   I've been wanting to paint the walls a deep, dark chocolate hue.  I want my bedroom to feel like a cocoon.  Dark chocolate walls can be a neutral.  You can pair a lot of colors with dark chocolate walls.  It's also time for new bed linens.  Since I just repainted my master bath, I think new bed linens are needed.  
  • Restyle my dining room.  I am going to re-arrange a few things in my dining room.  My thoughts are to move the big artwork from the hallway wall to the dining room wall.  Move the server to the hallway wall.  I can't decide if I want artwork displayed over the server or keep the mirror and add artwork on either side of it.  The reason I want to move the artwork to the dining room is to brighten up the space.  Yes, the walls are dark and I plan to keep the color, but by placing the painting in the dining room, I think it will be more of a focal point there and also brighten up the space.
Artwork to be moved to dining room wall.
Wall where artwork will be placed.

So, this takes care of the first quarter of 2014!!!  Hopefully I can get some or all of these things done in 2014.

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  1. I missed this one. Hey, I see I'm not the only one planning projects for the new year. By the way, I loooooove that big painting.