Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pop, Pop, Pop!!!

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I like color.  But, I also like neutrals.  My first two living room sofas had color and patterns on the fabric.  In the 80s and 90s I tended to let my furniture be the prominent feature.  My first sofa was purchased when the "country" look was very popular.  It was a camelback sofa that was blue with a pink plaid pattern woven through the fabric.  Don't judge me!!  I grew tired of the country look and 10 years later I purchased my second set of living room furniture.  My second sofa was a tuxedo style (3 cushion back and seating).  The base of the fabric was taupe/cream but the pattern was floral (burgundy and green).  In my opinion, having furniture with patterned fabric makes it more difficult to decorate.  Also, you are pretty much stuck with the colors in the fabric for as long as you have the sofa.  You have to be very good at mixing patterns when changing out accessory pillows if your sofa fabric is patterned.

The last furniture I purchased for my living room is definitely a neutral, although there is a tone-on-tone paisley print on the fabric.  I purposely picked a neutral fabric because I wanted to be able to pop different colors in my space, based on the seasons and holidays.  A sofa with color can also be a neutral, but it needs to be free of a pattern or at least an overbearing pattern.

Here is a good example of a neutral space with turquoise for the color that pops.  Notice the lamp, vase, pillows, throw, and benches, and even the sweater are all the same color.  

The headboard and the bedskirt are patterned, but the coverlet is a neutral solid.  The wall covering is also a neutral, even with the stripes.  The mood of this bedroom can be easily changed by changing out the color of the accessories.  

Color popping is great if you are afraid to paint your walls.  It's also great for people who live in apartments or rental property and aren't allowed to paint the walls.

I really like this living room.  It would be so easy to change the look of this room by changing out all of the red accessories.  You can always add pattern in a neutral space by selecting pillows and throws that are patterned.

Here is another example of a living room where fuchsia is the color that pops:

I can see changing out the fuchsia for orange, yellow, green, purple, and ......  You see where this is going?

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  1. I love the title of this post, by the way. We also have something in common, because I love color too. I had a reddish orange colored couch for many years until my daughters got their own apartment. What you said is so true, too. Now that I have a white sofa, if I ever want a new look, I can pretty much swap the green with another color that pops without much hassle.