Monday, June 9, 2014

Tickled Pink!

Back in the mid-80s, I had a friend I met while in college.  Tia's favorite color was pink.  She wore pink and her home was decorated in pink (think Steel Magnolia).  When Tia purchased her first house, she wanted to incorporate the color pink into her kitchen.  She picked wallpaper that had a purple background with pink flowers woven through it.  Tia decided to paint the inset of her kitchen cabinets pink.  I remember her kitchen stove was avocado green.  My first response when I stepped into her kitchen was, "It looks like a crayon box exploded in here!!"  Apparently, that was not the response Tia was hoping for.  In fact, she burst into tears.  I'm not known for being tactful.   To tone down some of the color, Tia painted the cabinets a solid white.  But, her kitchen still looked like a hot mess.  I have to give her points for thinking outside the box by being creative in her kitchen.  Anyway, I was browsing through the Internet the other day and ran across a kitchen with pink appliances.  Tia and I lost touch with each other several years ago.  She moved away and life moved on.  Here's to you Tia, wherever you are:

Although I am not a fan of the color pink, I think the color works in this space.  In addition to the appliances, there are pops of pink with the accessories to add more whimsy.

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  1. I remember seeing one of those old vintage refrigerators in that same pink color a long time ago and I thought it was too cute. I personally would never choose pink in my kitchen, but I do like the above picture, though.