Thursday, November 6, 2014

Closets, Closets, Closets!!!

I think every woman (and possibly men, too) dream of a huge, luxurious closet.  The closet would be filled with lots of hanging rods for dresses, suites, pants, and skirts.  There would also be built-in dressers.  There would be plenty of shoe and boot storage spaces.  The closet would be large enough to have a nice ottoman for sitting on while getting dressed.  There would also be a floor length mirror.  And, don't forget the chandelier.  A big closet like this usually goes with a big house.  But a girl can dream, can't she?  In my home, I have a fairly sizable closet.  I think the dimensions are 8 foot by 12 foot.  Although my closet is big, it's still not as spacious as I would like it to be.  It is big enough for an ottoman but I haven't purchased one for it--yet.  I have plenty of hanging rods, but I don't have built in dressers.  I do have two built in shelving units which I still don't know what to do with them 9 years later.  

I wish I had cabinets to hide my shoe boxes.
I created my own boot storage by using skirt hangers.

Now, enjoy my fantasy dream closets:

I love the boot shoe and boot storage!

Lots of shoe storage here!

Love the ottomans!

The built-in dressers are nice!


  1. Those closets are amazing and I have also always fantasized about a beautiful dream closet of my very own. I have to say, your closet is very nice, too and I love your idea for storing your boots... :)

    1. Thanks Dee! I get so many inspiring ideas from Pinterest.

  2. Your closet is so much bigger than mine:) You have a lot of shoes and you are able to keep them organized, impressive!

    1. I'm also slightly OCD! In some cases, it's a good thing. :)