Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why I Do This Blog

Tonight, I was watching "Iyanla, I'll Fix Your House" on OWN.  Oprah Winfrey surprised Iyanla Vanzant with a whole house makeover.  During Oprah's conversation with Iyanla, she spoke these words to her:

"This is what I know for sure, your home should be your sanctuary; your home should be the thing that rises up to meet you".
When I heard Oprah say these words to Iyanla, I thought this is so true.  If your home does not look welcoming or inviting, I think that affects your mood.  I decorate my home for myself.  It doesn't matter if no one else ever sees it.  I like walking into my home after being out-of-town for the week and know that I am in an environment that will lift my spirits.  

When I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I had a next door neighbor who was always depressed.  When I walked into her apartment, she had zero artwork on her walls.  No wonder she was depressed!  I would crawl into a hole if I didn't have my artwork.  I immediately took her shopping for artwork.  It transformed her apartment.  She also kept her blinds closed.  I convinced her to open her blinds during the day to let the sunlight in.  I noticed that she wasn't as depressed as she normally was after making those two changes.  

I know for some people their homes are just a place to store their stuff and sleep.  It doesn't matter to them how it looks.  I have friends like that and I cringe every time I walk into their homes.  It makes me a little sad, but if they're happy with their space, who am I to judge?

But if you want to change a room in your home or your entire home, I implore you to make that change.  Make your home inviting and welcoming.  Do it for yourself!

And this is why I write this blog.