Thursday, January 8, 2015

Eureka! I found the perfect floor lamp!

I rearranged my living room several months ago.   The chair I sit in when I'm vegging out on TV or reading decorating magazines needed a floor lamp.  I had a floor lamp in my bedroom and I moved it to the living room.  The lamp wasn't doing much for my space.   It was functional, but it had zero WOW! factor.  The lamp has a straight post and a lampshade with beaded tassels.   

I placed the lamp back in my bedroom.  It's a nice lamp, but no "WOW!"

This week I was working in Helena-West Helena, AR.  The bank building I was working in has a wonderful interior design shop on the third floor of the building called "Imagine That Design".  You would have to know what Helena-West Helena is like to appreciate that a place like this even exists!

During my lunch breaks,  I would go to the third floor to see all of the beautiful furniture and accessories in this shop.  While there, I spotted a floor lamp that was perfect for my living room. It has a linen drum shade and crystal pendants for a touch of bling.


I'll be back there next week to see what else I can come home with.  I think I'm going to need a SUV!

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  1. Nice floor lamp, it's very stylish and I love the bling... :)

  2. This design store has really nice things at reasonable prices. It's a lot cheaper than buying in Little Rock because it's a small town.

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