Sunday, January 29, 2012

One of My Favorite Rooms

This is the study in my neighbor's house.  This is the only room in her house in which she needed to purchase furniture.


The space is not furnished like a traditional study with a desk and book cases.  She likes to read and she wanted a room in her home where she could cozy up on a sofa and read.  This space has french doors so she can close the doors for total privacy. 

She already had the chairs and piano.  I like the chairs--they are a little modern.  Everything else in the room is new.  All of her furniture is very traditional, and I thought it would be fun to mix it up a little and go modern.  The was accomplished by the artwork and rug.  I saw this rug and I loved the colors in it and I wasn't sure if she would like it.  She loved it!!  She surprised me when I found out that she loves color.  Once I knew this, I decided her study would be the perfect place to display color.  I have to tell you that the table and bowl are pieces that she found and thought they would look good in the space.  She spray painted the bowl red.  I had envisioned a red leather ottoman for this space but we could not find one locally.  I love the pops of red in this room.  This is one of my favorite rooms in her house.

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