Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Colors, Warm Clothes, Cozy Blanket--Yep, Fall is Here!

Of the four seasons, fall is my favorite.  I love the color palette--gold, orange, brown, hunter green, purple.  I also love clothes worn in the fall--corduroy, wools, sweaters.  There is a richness that comes with fall colors.  As my wardrobe changes for the seasons, so does my decor.  I have switched over the pillows on my sofa from the summer look to the fall look:

Notice how soft the colors look in the summer photo at the top.  Now look at the richness of the fall colors.  I purchase a lot of my pillows from Garden Ridge because they are relatively inexpensive--around $10 to $15.  It's a pretty inexpensive way to change the look in your room.  Garden Ridge has thousands of pillows in a lot of hues.

Since I've lived in my house, I have had the same dark red vases with fake orchids on my fireplace mantle.  Shame on me for not changing this out, but I was never motivated to change it.  I decided to pop the color orange out in my living room, so the dark red vases and fake orchids are gone.  They have been replaced with these bright orange vases, minus the fake orchids:

This look will remain in my living room through Thanksgiving, then it will be time to change over to Christmas.  

UPDATE:  I just realized this post is similar to the one I wrote last fall--almost the exact wording.  I guess this shows how passionate I am about fall!!

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