Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Okay, my new fall door is revealed...

Well, I have a different look for my fall front door.  I wanted a more sophisticated look than past years.  I decided to ditch the wreath and the mums.  I added fall leaves to the glass door (placemats from Bed, Bath, & Beyond).  I kept the pumpkins.  Instead of mums, I left the ball boxwoods in the planters.  I showed the revised look to family members (sister, niece, great nephew, and sister-in-law) and none of them liked the new look.  They all said I needed more stuff.  My nephew does not like the boxwoods.  He said it doesn't look like fall.  It's okay to leave some greenery in your display.  So, I decided to do something radically different.  I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased bamboo sticks, spray painted them yellow, and placed them behind each planter.  My family members didn't care for the bamboo sticks, but I like them.  I think the bamboo sticks add a bit of quirkiness to my fall front door look.  Check it out.

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